Suyamba Kumaresan

/sʊjɑːm.bɐ/ /kʊm.ə'reɪ.sæn/

Bespoke Jeans for Charles Moore Bespoke Tailor

We are pleased to announce our exclusive collaboration with Charles Moore on their new range of bespoke jeans. The bespoke casual range combines the beautiful fit and handcrafted quality of Bespoke Tailoring, including classic bespoke design aspects like Hipstraps and straight hip pockets, with the practical durability of denim and its traditional re-enforced rivet and stitch features, resulting in a contemporary garment that is incredibly unique.

One of the key details is the unique blend of 100% British Wool Tweed* and rope-dyed indigo cotton, available in 3 different weaves and weighing between 283gsm–469gsm, woven in a micro-mill in East London. This range balances the versatility of customisation, whilst using British cloth.

The launch date for this new collection will be announced soon! ☺

* 100% British Wool Tweed spun in Halifax, England (each roll of yarn used can be traced back to the individual flock and farm of origin), woven in Epping, East London.