Suyamba Kumaresan

/sʊjɑːm.bɐ/ /kʊm.ə'reɪ.sæn/

International Medical Health Organisation (IMHO)

IMHO's mission is to develop and improve healthcare, education, and infrastructure in underserved regions worldwide, and are working towards a future where everyone has access to health and medical care in order to be able to lead healthy, productive, and meaningful lives. Over the years, IMHO has engaged in relief and development work in 19 countries across the globe, prioritising support for communities afflicted by severe natural or manmade disasters. The bulk of our ongoing efforts are focused on Sri Lanka, and we have an extensive network of proven and reliable partners on the ground.

With direct ties to the communities they serve, IMHO provides a high level of cultural sensiticity & understanding within existing frameworks in executing relief and development projects, complimenting the existing efforts of those already on the ground. As a smaller NGO, they are well poised to fill in the gaps left behind by other larger grous and institutions.

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10% of profits from all sales are donated to the IMHO charity, so that each purchase can help support their vital work.