Suyamba Kumaresan

/sʊjɑːm.bɐ/ /kʊm.ə'reɪ.sæn/

Reflective Wear in Bespoke Tailoring

December 2015

Reflective Wear | Bespoke Tailoring
For the practical late night worker/party goer whose preferred mode of travel is by foot, or by bike
Practical | Stylish
For the modern gentleman
(British) Spring/Summer 2016

While British Bespoke Tailoring is well-known for its classic techniques and traditions, we wanted to combine it with an aspect of modern technology to make it more updated and relevant to contemporary lifestyles.

Whilst others have combined reflective properties with smart, casual and sportswear, we too wanted to incorporate these properties with a unique approach while still remaining rooted in traditional tailoring.

Inspired by the grainy yet sharp movement within John Batho's Présents & Absents — and his combination of a both dense and sparse texture — we proceeded to research ways of translating this onto fabric. After experimenting with hand and machine embellishing techniques, the truly bespoke technique of stab stitching was selected as the final method. This was applied in varying concentrations on different parts of the suit before construction.


Black Sand-Washed Linen

Reflective Thread